A Family Tradition

The “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” situated in Borgo Sabotino (Latina) was born at the beginning of the 90s thanks to the willpower of Mr Igino Bressan. Initially the firm especially dealt with the production of vegetables and only in a following phase it chose to devote itself to the cultivation of the Pleurotus mushroom.

Today the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” is a glowing and productive reality, among the most important in Italy, also thanks to the contribution and the work of Igino’s children: Simona and Mirko.

Regarding the production of the Pleurotus mushrooms, the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” is currently a steady point of reference for the whole peninsula, and not only.

The firm’s geographical position, near to the sea, is a favourable element to provide to the Pleurotus mushroom the climate conditions necessary to guarantee its growing even during the coldest winters.

Such characteristic, together with the continuous technological innovations, allowed the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” to improve each phase of the productive process, that is totally developed internally, in order to increase the quality of the final product.

Indeed, in the firm plants all the phases of the productive cycle of the Pleurotus mushroom occur: the first step is the selection of the substratums, that is to say the straw to be used, this too produced within the firm, and it occurs according to specific criteria attained through years of experience and improvement of the technique. Once it has ripened, the straw is cut through the mill, then there are the fermentation and pasteurization phases of the substratum. Then we go on with the sowing, performed through a proper machine that literally inserts the mycelium of the mushroom in the straw block, wrapped up in the plastic film properly pierced by the block machine. At this point, the incubation phase follows, that occurs inside an adequate greenhouse, and in the end we pass to the harvest of the finest quality Pleurotus mushroom.

In this way the product keeps a high quality, apart from an undeniable economic advantage on the market.

Anyway, the firm has continued its research and development activities in the time, with the purpose of becoming a direct producer and seller of Pleurotus mushrooms, in order to further decrease the costs and to guarantee a high quality product at a very challenging price.

Today the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” has widened its horizons, thanks to the introduction of the new line of the in oil mushrooms declined in Traditional Recipe, grilled Oyster mushrooms and mushrooms’ cream. So, apart from the big companies operating in the food wholesale field, our products are addressed to consumers, by giving them the possibility of putting on the table a tasty and high quality product.