Quality and convenience

The customer’s satisfaction as our main goal

In the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” we develop the entire productive cycle of the Pleurotus mushroom: from the selection and cultivation of the best substratums, to the sowing and harvest of the finished product, passing from the pasteurization and incubation of the substratums themselves, chosen on the basis of their productive capacity.
All of this without renouncing to the quality in terms of product’s taste and genuineness.

In this way the “Simona Bressan Agricultural Firm” is able to optimize the productive process by decreasing the costs, but without impairing the quality of the provided product.

Moreover, thanks to the internal management, also for the shipments,
it is possible to totally customize the packaging
on the basis of the specific needs of every customer,
by organizing product and support to be chosen among the following materials:


1 Kg Packaging
cardboard | 20x30x8

2 Kg Packaging
wood | 30x40x12

3 Kg Packaging
wood | 30x40x12

4,5 Kg Packaging
wood | 30x50x16